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Jaclyn, or Jackie for short, is originally from Queens, New York. She is a self-taught dancer who later on studied from multiple instructors in Israel, New York City, and Boston. In 2015, Jackie won 1st place in the Desert Rose Belly Dance Competition by Dorit Arobas in Eilat, Israel. She is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she studied Communication and International Relations and in 2011, co-founded the award winning UMass Belly Dance Club which became a major organization on campus and has reached over 230 students and later started the Northeastern Belly Dance Club in Boston, MA. Jackie is also a certified Belly Dance Instructor from the 2014 BellyQueen Teacher’s Training with Kaeshi Chai and was a part of the professional belly dance troupe Raks Al Zahra by Natalie Nazario. Jackie has been teaching since 2011 and has taught various workshops in Boston, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Israel.

Jackie is currently performing and teaching in Virginia and is available for workshops, performances, classes, and private lessons. She also recently just published the first ever Mizrachi Dance Archive. Learn more here


She is so excited to share her love and appreciation of the art form and cultures with others. Drum solos get her going and her favorite word is….YALLAH!


Thank you to Bronwyn Duffield Photography and Michael Blotzer Photography,

and Three Region Photography,and Rachel Bowman Photography for the wonderful photos featured on my site!

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