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Organically feminine, learning to belly dance has been an unexpected inward journey. Natural movements enveloped in beautiful music, where the physical body connects to soul, bringing innate wholeness. Jackie’s classes, are a community of dance, laughter, joy, sisterhood, and love!

Sat Parvan Kaur

Pittsboro, NC

Jackie represents this dance form with the upmost respect and selflessness. In her performances, her spirit shines with honesty, humor, intensity, softness, and grace. Her technique flows with ease and precision which amazes everyone, and her knowledge and education of the cultural nuance, lyrics, and musical understanding shows with sophistication.

Her teaching style has inspired me since I took my first class with her and has influenced my own teaching. She breaks down movement in simple and clear ways that make everyone able to understand and digest. She helps her students find themselves through fun games which not only help technique but brings the whole class together in a beautiful way of bonding. She is a fountain of knowledge and will always make sure you have a good time. If you have a chance to study from her, do it. You won't regret it.

Natassia L.

Boston, MA

I would highly recommend Belly Dancing with Jackie. I'm very much a beginner and I've so appreciated how Jackie explains and demonstrates what we're going to be doing. She makes class fun. I've felt from the first few classes that I was really picking up the various moves and techniques quickly and easily. It's just highly entertaining and Jackie really has a lot to do with that. In addition, it's a great workout and really helps in building core strength.

Kim M.

Chapel Hill, NC

Belly Dancing with Jackie is more than just a dance class; it is a community bringing the sisterhood together! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the ladies of our dance tribe while learning the art of belly dance. Jackie is a phenomenal instructor, helping each of us understand the technique of this style of dance. Her love for dance is so inspirational and is like a beacon that guides our tribe through the beautiful intricacies of belly dance.  Jackie has helped me discover a part of myself I did not know existed. 

Michele P.

Pittsboro, NC

Belly dancing is so inclusive of all different body types, and Jackie extends that welcome to all levels of experience. She makes learning so much fun and creates routines that are both challenging and entertaining. I love being a part of Jackie's belly dance tribe!

Kathy G.

Pittsboro, NC

Not only is this dance genre beautiful, it has so many physical and mental health benefits and it is something I would recommend to almost any other woman.  I have really enjoyed being one of Jackie's students!

Christen L.

Pittsboro, NC

I never would have been introduced to the beautiful world of bellydance if it weren’t for Jackie. When she started teaching a weekly class at Northeastern, I started out standing in the back of the studio dancing in baggy t-shirts. As the weeks went by and I developed my technique and style, I gradually gained more confidence in myself and my body until I was standing in the front row in my sports bra shaking what my mama gave me. Jackie doesn’t just bring her superb technique to class. For an hour every week in that tiny studio, she spread her love of bellydance, confidence and good vibes to all of us. Her energy is infectious and it makes you feel like you can do anything. Jackie inspired me to turn our weekly gathering into a full-fledged club and community. The Northeastern Belly Dance Club isn’t made up of members; it is made up of beautiful women empowering each other to be proud of and celebrate who they are. Jackie set us up with an amazing foundation of love and strength and I am so excited to see where we will take it.

Nicole G.

Boston, MA

Classes with Jackie have been incredible. I have never met someone so passionate about dancing and so excited to teach people. Her classes were the highlight of my week!

Rachel S.

Boston, MA

I never thought I would accomplish so much in such a short time. In a few months, Jackie helped me find myself in dance in ways I thought I never would, and hid each lesson in so much fun I hardly even saw it coming. Jackie didn’t just teach me how to belly dance – she taught me how to be a dancer

Brianna C.

Boston, MA

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